07 February, 2014

My "Digital Scrapbook" preview

i wanna share my final result in making scrapbook ^^
this is the first one that I made and designed scrapbook file by myself. I don't really use one theme in making this file. I like a unique elements that comes from many theme I downloaded. Ow here is direct link to the web that provide many kind of scrapbook theme for free: ShabbyPrincess.com ,I really recommend this link very much. you'll get elements, paper and alpha in one package. the important thing you should thankful is THOSE ARE FOR FREE. (sorry if I really obsessed something uncharged a.k.a FREE LOL) :D
here my collection:

I love my friends so muuuchooo... hahaha.. Love them so bad :))
They could be crazy, smart, freak, dumb, wise and ect but hey.. that what makes friendship long last :))
another story with them:

they're more than just a friend.. They're amazing!!

maybe I should introduce them to you? ok, from up-right (mariskha and anggun) and down-left (me and andina) hihihii.. 

This one is my motivator when I'm down (Indonesian language: Galau LOL :D)  

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