07 February, 2014

My "Digital Scrapbook" preview

i wanna share my final result in making scrapbook ^^
this is the first one that I made and designed scrapbook file by myself. I don't really use one theme in making this file. I like a unique elements that comes from many theme I downloaded. Ow here is direct link to the web that provide many kind of scrapbook theme for free: ShabbyPrincess.com ,I really recommend this link very much. you'll get elements, paper and alpha in one package. the important thing you should thankful is THOSE ARE FOR FREE. (sorry if I really obsessed something uncharged a.k.a FREE LOL) :D
here my collection:

I love my friends so muuuchooo... hahaha.. Love them so bad :))
They could be crazy, smart, freak, dumb, wise and ect but hey.. that what makes friendship long last :))
another story with them:

they're more than just a friend.. They're amazing!!

maybe I should introduce them to you? ok, from up-right (mariskha and anggun) and down-left (me and andina) hihihii.. 

This one is my motivator when I'm down (Indonesian language: Galau LOL :D)  

30 March, 2012

vintage photo effect

This my first project in editing vintage photo effect .. how do you think??
This kindda old photo right?
So does this picture below

You can see the differences between the first and the second photo.. just a little touch of light effect softer in the second photo